Designer Inspired Jewelry vs. Knock Off Jewelry

Inspired Jewelry Fashions vs. Knock off Jewelry
What’s the Difference?
• Retail stores as well as in-home sellers of jewelry are always selling jewelry that is at the forefront of style and fashion.  The fashions that are seen on the celebrities of the day are in high demand but there is also a demand for classic, timeless pieces.  For those selling jewelry that is more budget friendly, they have two major choices when it comes to selling the hottest fashion trends:  Jewelry that is a complete knock off of designer pieces or jewelry that is inspired by designer pieces.  What is the difference?
Knock off Jewelry
• Knock off jewelry is just as it is described:  a jewelry manufacturer takes a designer item and completely recreates it, down to the last detail.  However, the retail price of the knock off piece is significantly less than the original for a number of reasons, which is why these pieces are popular on the open market.   This price difference is from a number of factors.  Possibly the biggest cost savings comes simply from not being made by the designer company and being sold in high end retail outlets.  However, other cost savings comes from lower labor costs for the knock of piece as well as less expensive materials.  The materials used in the knockoff piece are typically low quality metal with a plating of the expensive metal to get the look of the original and stones are replaced with less expensive versions of the same stones, lab stones are used in place of natural stones or other types of stones are used in place of the originals.
• This may sound good so far, getting a completely accurate reproduction of designer jewelry for a fraction of the cost.  More people can afford the knock off as well, meaning it will sell.  However, there is a downside and it is big.  First and foremost, there is the legal aspect of knock off jewelry.  Knock offs are illegal and are considered counterfeit goods in most parts of the industrialized world.  While the factory making them may be in a jurisdiction where this is not illegal, it is most likely where a retailer is selling them.  The chances of getting caught vary but from this perspective the risk is not worth the reward.  Additionally, if a manufacturer is willing to take the risk making knock off jewelry; are they trustworthy in other regards?  For instance, are there going to be heavy metals in the jewelry, even while they claim there are none?  If a manufacturer is willing to ignore one set of regulations, why would they honor others?
Designer Inspired Jewelry
• For manufacturers that are concerned about protecting their retailers and ultimately the customers but also want to provide them with budget friendly jewelry choices that are in the latest styles, Designer Inspired Jewelry is the way these manufacturers go.  Rather than making copies of designer pieces, they use the designer piece as a starting point for inspiration into similar pieces.  There is a little cost associated with the new designs but most of the savings that knock off jewelry delivers, so does Designer Inspired jewelry.  The pieces look just as good and often better because the price point is able to be slightly higher.  The quality of materials tends to be better as well simply because these are original pieces designed to last, rather than knock offs designed to sell and look good for a few months.
• On top of this, the manufacturers that do Designer Inspired jewelry are far more reputable and trustworthy.  If a line of their jewelry is said to be lead-free, you can trust that it will be, indeed free of this dangerous heavy metal.  Plus, you can typically count on them to be there when you need customer support.